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To Good Fellas owner- I would like to tell you that you have one of the nicest most helpful people I have ever met, AC. If it wasn't for AC's help I think I would have lost my mind out there. Long story short I went through one of the worst times of my life

I used their service in the past month and it was great. Quality service from the first call to signing the final paperwork. But Tammy - you owe me my free hug, that I didn't receive. LOL If anyone you know needs a great Bail Bonds service - Who you going to call --- GOODFELLAS

I would really like to express my appreciation for your employee Bobby. He was very pleasant and very knowledgeable. I had to wait there about an hour for Fernando's (the defendant) attorney to call me with some further information and throughout my wait he made sure I understood what exactly was going to occur once